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Mobile Combidock
Leveller for both lorries and vans

Versatility is the key word. Proven telescopic technology combined with width flexibility. Compensation for varying forces on the leveller platform.

Ergonomics and reduced wear and tear
The telescopic lip can be supplied in steel or high-stability aluminium alloy. The latter is extremely flat, resulting in smoother passages between leveller and truck bed – giving ergonomic as well as economical advantages due to reduced chock loads for people and less wear and tear on the handling equipment.

Horizontally at “eye level” with the vehicle bed!
Loading and unloading vehicles with beds considerable higher or lower than the ramp floor can sometimes be difficult. As an option, the combidock can be equipped with a front section operating in parallel with the bed of the vehicle. This facilitates operations from the forklift driver’s eye level and gives the forks a better operating angle.
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Automatic lips reduce the weight

Lorry or van – just turn the switch!
Simply set the selection switch and the relevant automation program is started. When set on “Small Lorries”, leveller lip side tongues are retracted and the width is reduced by 1000 mm. At the same time, the down-force of the leveller platform is reduced by a hydraulic unit. Just use the selector switch for return to standard lorry performance.

Time losses eliminated at inaccurate dock-ins!
Should the vehicle not be accurately docked to the loading ramp, the telescopic lip will still bridge the distance between bed and ramp. The same goes for a situation where the bed is utilised to the last centimeter – the telescopic lip will connect with the small space left and safely bridge the distance. No time consuming vehicle maneuvers are necessary.
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With front parallel section

Automatic adjustment to vehicle bed movements during loading and unloading
Vehicles sink and rise during loading and unloading. A special safety control system ensures that the leveller automatically follows the vertical movements of the vehicle bed. Should the bed move horizontally, the same automatic system keeps the lip against the bed, facilitating safe and smooth passages.

Useful options
  • Crawford eye to facilitate the dock-in procedure
  • Noise Reduction and Slip Protection coating
  • Hot dip galvanised coating
  • Protective sealing between leveller and building
  • Floating buffers
  • Build-in frame alternatives
Technical information
Nominal length 3000, 5700 mm
Nominal width 2000 and 2250 mm
Lip extension 500 mm
Van load capacity 20 kN dynamic load
Lorry load capacity 60 kN dynamic load
90 kN static load
Functional performance in accordance with the European Standard EN 1398.
Special dimensions on request.
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For smaller lorries For normal lorries

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