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Tailored Industrial Doors & Loading Docks solutions
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Tailored Industrial Doors & Loading Docks solutions

Industrial doors & Loading docks for every application.

Rolling shutters- High Speed doors- Sectional doors-Hanger- Fire doors-sliding doors

Importance of Industrial doors & loading docks

Industrial doors and loading docks are a very important tools for securing facilities and warehouse inventory, picking the right door solution relevant to the warehouse site condition is not something to miss while building or renovating your warehouse, as each Industrial door has its unique function and application. Industrial doors primary function is securing the whole facility entrance and exit. And also securing the workers inside the facility. Depending on the site condition and others relevant to the type of goods stored in a facility the right Industrial door is picked, nowadays and with new technologies available it’s very easy to customize your door and pick the right door solution that best serves the warehouse needs.

There are various types of Industrial Doors, and each door has its unique function,

Importance of Rolling shutters, high speed doors, hangar doors, overhead doors,fire doors, sectional doors. 

-Rolling Shutters; rolling shutters helps in modifying temperature and high tech rolling shutters plays an important role in minimizing sounds and securing facilities. Rolling shutters are a key player industrial doors that is needed by most of the facilities. Egybrit offers High class quality rolling shutters from world wide leaders.

-High Speed doors: high speed doors are basic doors that secures the entrance and exit of the facility while performing a fast moving and closing action, some of the facilities insures having high speed doors facilitate work procedures by allowing workers to move in and out quickly.

Hangar doors: hanger doors are extremely useful for aircraft buildings, One of the main aspect is insuring a very high level of security and high durability for heavy duty purposes. Since Egybrit is aware of the functionality of hangar doors , we offer hangar doors from German suppliers and worldwide leaders.

-Fire doors: fire doors ensure maximum security and functionality to workers, the help workers to escape easily , and lowers the risk of injuries as it stops fire from spreading in a facility. Fire doors are a very important tool in any warehouse that any project engineer should place in consideration while building a facility;

-Fast Acting Doors; fast acting doors main function to open and close in seconds and some fast-acting doors close in 1 second which doesn’t act as an obstacle to the work flow of the operation or working process. fast-acting doors plays and important role in enhancing productivity and also blocking sounds.

-Sliding Doors, sliding doors opens to the side not upwards and downward as other doors, which is useful to specific site conditions. Our company offers high class quality sliding doors with high durability, functionality and security from market leaders.

Since Our Company acts as an industrial solution provider our goal is to ensure covering all client’s industrial needs.

Also loading docks has a very effective function in easing the loading and unloading of goods while accessing the warehouse. Loading docks are attached to the installed industrial door insuring maximum safety to the goods and personnel managing the loading process. One of the major function of loading docks is transferring the goods instead of the workers and reducing the risk of injuries to employees while securing the transferring process of goods without damage.